An Astronomical Event with Dr. Paul Sutter

December 3, 2018
Photo of Dr. Paul Sutter answering questions


On November 29th, the Science Pub at the Backstage Bistro hosted Dr. Paul Sutter, an astrophysicist at The Ohio State University in the department of Astronomy and Astro-particle physics, and Chief Scientist for COSI, for a book signing and a Q&A session. Space enthusiasts came out to expand their understanding of space and ask a spaceman their questions. Last week, Dr. Paul Sutter launched his book, Your Place in the Universe, worldwide. The book is a story of our understanding of the universe. Furthermore, is one of many ways that Dr. Sutter challenges himself to communicate science to those who wouldn’t normally pursue this avenue of information. His thought process is that science is just one way to understand our world and as such, explores different ways to impart new perspectives to learning.

Are the old rules of space wrong, or are there new matters to explore? The topics of discussion included dark matter, laws and limits of gravity, general relativity, Planet X, radiation on Mars, the Yucatan asteroid, and numerous other concepts. Some questions pertained to understanding how Dr. Sutter came into this field and all that he has managed to accomplish within through his various enterprises. He started out with an astronomy elective class that he really enjoyed, which eventually led to him completing his post doc in Paris and Italy. Through his growing status, he went on to start a popular podcast, news appearances, publishing articles, and involvement in a science and entertainment exchange. Likewise, conversations flowed through the Fermi paradox, a space elevator, and other ideas of the expression of our inability to comprehend the vast happenings of our galaxy. If you ever have a question about the endless possibilities of space, Dr. Sutter is a great person to ask, and his book will increase your passion for space.