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Prototyping Future Learning Experiences

Prototyping Future Learning Experiences- Physics Education Workshop

STEAM Collaborators: 

David Mckenzie, MFA Candidate

College of Arts and Sciences- Department of Design


Prototyping with a non-designer team of physics faculty, staff and students to co-design an ideal student learning experience for Introductory Physics students


This project began by identifying and conducting interviews with a small group of ‘stakeholders’ in the project about the current physics 

Physics Education Workshop

learning environment for an introductory physics class at Ohio State. This group was made up of faculty, staff, and students. Next, the group separated and held formal workshops. In these workshops, group members worked together to create a physical display of what their ideal physics learning environment would be for students. The faculty workshops produced an integrative lecture and lab studio-style set up. Meanwhile, the student workshop provided ideas for a more abstract layout, including a GPS app and methods for TAs to connect with students who were not physically in attendance. After the workshops were completed, a third workshop was conducted to integrate the ideas proposed by the faculty and students. The outcome was a proposal for a GPS enabled application that would allow students studying the same subject to form local study groups and receive virtual support from instructors and teaching assistants.

Notable Achievements: 

  • Using prototype "seed" method to solve abstract problems
  • Groundwork for a local study group GPS app