STEAM Exchange

STEAM Exchanges are monthly themed interdisciplinary seminars that provide multiple faculty perspectives to foster opportunities for cross-collaboration between members. This program is intended to facilitate both knowledge and interactions related to current and ongoing faculty research here at Ohio State. STEAM Exchanges are intended to be small (less than 40 people) and informal to allow for increased interaction and lively discussion between STEAM members and their invited colleagues and guests. 


STEAM Exchanges at-a-glance:

  • 41 STEAM Exchanges
  • 102 faculty presenters
  • 64 disciplines represented by STEAMx presenters
  • 110+ disciplines represented by attendees
  • STEAM Exchange survey responses:
    • 98% talked with people outside their disciplines
    • 99% said they learned something new
    • 86% agree that interactions with people outside of your discipline is important
    • 77% interested in presenting at future STEAM Exchanges
    • 92% likely to recommend STEAM Exchanges to others

Our goals include:

  • Discuss current research endeavors, bringing multiple disciplinary perspectives to bear on a single issue with the purpose of identifying opportunities for cross-collaboration
  • Create specialty programming to facilitate interdisciplinary faculty collaborations, e.g. Faculty Research Speed Seminars and Describe your Research in 60 Seconds
  • Share experiences and transfer of tools and resources to enhance teaching methods, e.g. research commercialization, digital publishing and course creation, incorporation of technology into the classroom, and utilization of remote lectures.

Past topics include:

  • Climate Change
  • Conflict
  • Progress
  • Blood
  • Bias
  • Preservation
  • Trees
  • Cheating
  • Nasty Surprises
  • Evidence
  • Weeds