Racial Justice Pathways


Applications are currently closed and the pilot session of the Racial Justice Pathways Program is underway! We look forward to sharing more updates as the program unfolds.

At the STEAM Factory we create spaces for scholars to collaborate across disciplinary boundaries on topics that deeply matter to them. That’s partly why amidst a tumultuous year negotiating the global pandemic and the impact of racialized injustice we responded concerns and desires to engage racial inequity in immediate and material ways that so many of you have shared. We heard that while the longing to enact real change is great, many of us feel at a loss as to how to enhance racial equity together in ways that are connected to our work at Ohio State in teaching, research, service, and engagement. Responding to this clear need a small design team self-organized and submitted a grant proposal to the Seed Grant for Racial Justice and a matching grant proposal to the Global Arts and Humanities Discovery Theme. Our proposals were funded, and the STEAM Factory project Racial Justice Pathways (RJP) was born!   


STEAM Factory Racial Justice Pathways is an infrastructure that supports Ohio State faculty and staff to focus on a particular area of professional interest, learn about ways to address racial equity in that domain (drawing on the many resources Ohio State has to offer), design a manageable intervention or project, implement it, assess its impact, and share knowledge with our community. Most importantly, RJP participants will take on these efforts together with one another as we build a community of practice here at Ohio State while connecting our efforts with Ohio Campus Compact and Campus Compact's Equity and Inclusion Credential program.  


Who Is RJP For?

  • Are you new to these topics but feel called to increase racial justice in your curriculum, research, engagement, or service? RJP is for you! 
  • Have you already been working around these issues through community work, advising, or committee work, but would like a structure to support your implementation, assessment, and recognition for work that often goes unnoticed and unsupported? You can do that through RJP! 
  • Do you direct or participate in a team that wants to do its work in ways that put equity at the center? If so, RJP is right for you and your team! 
  • Are you part of a research team focusing on these issues? If so, let RJP provide a structure and process that will enhance your accountability and productivity! 


These are just a few examples of the many potential possibilities you can cultivate in RJP! The STEAM Factory RJP creates a space for visioning and action in self-organizing collaborations around what matters. Your longing, your passion, your wisdom, and your creativity are welcome at STEAM and in RJP! 


Nuts and Bolts 

What You Will Do:  

  • Participants will choose one of the following Pathways as a focus for their RJP work:  
    • Research and Writing  
    • Teaching and Student Services  
    • Outreach, Engagement, and Extension  
    • Service  
    • Multi-Weave (when the particular focus spans more than one Pathway)  
  • Engage in guided learning about racial equity concerns and efforts in your selected Pathway  
  • Design a Project (an intervention, study, article, etc.)  
  • Implement your design and assess its effectiveness or findings  
  • Share what you learn with others  


What You Will Give:  

  • Your passion for racial justice and personal growth  
  • A monthly time commitment of 2 hours of meeting time with your cohort from November 2021-May 2022  
  • A monthly time commitment of 6 hours of work outside your cohort from November 2021-May 2022  
  • A quarterly time commitment of 2 hours of full cohort meeting 


What You Will Get:  

  • Useful guidance about accessing resources available across Ohio State and beyond  
  • Interdisciplinary peer and near-peer mentoring  
  • Material support for the implementation and assessment of your project  
  • Any credentialing or certification embedded in Ohio State programming  
  • An Ohio Campus Compact Equity and Inclusion credential  
  • A small stipend for participation  


Friends, it is an understatement to say that we are living in a world of incredible complexity that touches our lives at every level. Working, talking, and innovating together in collaborative ways can help us notice and learn from what have been our recurring patterns as we work to make our world anew.