400 W. Rich Markets

About the Markets

The 400 W. Rich Markets were bimonthly gatherings of artists, craftsmen, farmers, vendors, and community members, which supported local food production and allowed for the sharing of ideas and products with the community at large.  The STEAM Factory was an active participant in these events from January 2013 - July 2016, providing researchers the opportunity to share their ideas and serving as a bridge between Ohio State and the Central Ohio community. The presentation of cutting edge research in the same location as artists and vendors provided an approachable environment, particularly to members of the community for whom academic research may seem inaccessible. Members of the STEAM Factory would present at a market at least once a year.

Benefits of Presenting at the Markets

  • Provided university members opportunities to engage with community members
  • Gave faculty the chance to practice summarizing work in a succinct, relatable way
  • Helped build relationships with community partners through interaction
  • Presentations leading to STEAM Letters of Support helped demonstrate faculty commitment to broader impacts of research