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OSU FORC Program

Picture of Zakee Sabree

Primary Investigator

Zakee L. Sabree, PhD, Assistant Professor

Department of Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology - College of Arts and Sciences



Underrepresented groups (URGs)-serving institutions are largely teaching-intensive and they often lack budgets to invite researchers from research-intensive institutions to give seminars and thus rely upon departmental faculty and those from nearby institutions to participatein their seminar series. As a result, students at SoC-serving institutions are primarily exposed to research and educational opportunities that are on campus or in these nearby institutions, and large institutions like OSU are easily overlooked when thesestudents are considering higher education options. The OSU Faculty Outreach, Recruitment and Collaboration (FORC) Program seeks to provide an essential bridge between OSU STEM departments and their counterparts at higher education institutions largely serving populations of URGs by supporting highly research productive OSU STEM faculty to travel to these institutions to give science talks and interact with faculty and students in STEM departments at URG-serving institutions towards buildinga pipeline of URGs undergraduates into OSU STEM summer research and graduate degree programsand faculty-driven collaborations between OSU STEM departments and their counterparts at URG-serving institutions.