STEAM Factory Podcast: Life, the Universe and Everything

Every year we hear amazing stories at STEAM factory events and informally over coffee at 400 W. Rich. Some of these stories are from literally the other side of the globe and others are from down the street, but there is something about the spoken word that carries the energy and feeling of a story in a way that no other medium does. In mid 2017, Prof. Chris Orban and other STEAM factory members began working towards making a science podcast called “Life, the Universe and Everything” that will become a core activity of the STEAM factory in 2018 and beyond. As the name implies, literally “everything” is of potential interest for the podcast. One of the first episodes, for example, will feature speakers (with permission) from the September 28 STEAM exchange event on “origin stories” and from the October 5th storytelling event with Columbus speakeasy. Prof. Susan Gershman helped to organize both of those events and she will serve as a member on the new podcast working group. STEAM factory members should reach out to Prof. Chris Orban  to receive news about podcast working group meetings.

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