Facilitating a culture of interdisciplinary collaboration


Founded in December 2012 by a collection of young and energetic Ohio State faculty, postdocs and staff, the STEAM Factory is a diverse and inclusive grass-roots network in the Ohio State community that facilitates creative and interdisciplinary collaboration, innovation and dissemination.

Our Goals

  • To provide opportunities for collaboration that enhance and drive innovation within all research disciplines;
  • To provide linkages and interdisciplinary interactions between Ohio State departments and colleges; and
  • To increase the public awareness, understanding and impact of Ohio State research.

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Recent News

January 16, 2020
CatStravaganzaJanuary Franklinton Friday

By: Maria Bergman, Student Assistant for The STEAM Factory

            The STEAM Factory welcomed the New Year with another paw-some evening for this…

November 16, 2019
By: Maria Bergman, Student Assistant at The STEAM Factory

   This month’s Franklinton Friday followed the fascinating theme of Space and Movement. This monthly event takes place to offer observers…

November 14, 2019

Written by Emily Caldwell, originally published through Ohio State News

Your characterization of the thermostat war going on in your house is likely to depend at least in part on whether you…

October 24, 2019

Written by Chris Orban, Assistant Professor of Physics, The Ohio State University

Original publication here

In 2013, a who’s who of the tech world came together to launch a new…

People Directory

Yvette Shen
Assistant Professor, Design
Anne Co
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Kathryn Kelley
Executive Director, Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI)
Leslie C. Moore
Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning