Member Recognitions

NSF Early Career Awards

The STEAM Factory has played an important role in obtaining grants for both individual and collaborative projects for its members through writing letters of support and providing a vehicle to amplify the broader impacts of Ohio State faculty research.

Some of these grants awarded to STEAM members include the NSF Early Career Awards. STEAM Factory members Arnab Nandi, Lisa Hall, Tasos Sidiropolous, and Anne Co received 4 of the 8 Ohio State NSF Early Career awards in 2015. The NSF review panels wrote positive remarks about the PI’s proposed participation in outreach facilitated by STEAM at events such as the 400 West Rich Markets as well as the positive effects of interdisciplinary interaction:

STEAM Factory members are recognized nationally and internationally for their accomplishments in their fields:

Anna Dobritsa
     - Faculty recognition award from Sphinx Senior Class Honorary Society and Mortar
       Board Senior Honor Society, August 2015
Anne Co
     - Lumley Research Award, Ohio State College of Engineering, 2016
     - NSF CAREER, 2015
Arnab Nandi
     - Best Paper Honorable Mention Award, IUI 2017
     - IEEE TCDE Award, 2016
     - Lumley Research Award, Ohio State College of Engineering, 2016
     - NSF Early CAREER, 2015
Arnulfo Perez, Chris Stewart, and Kathy Malone
     - NSF STEM+C 2015
Asimina Kiourti
     - NSF award on wireless brain implants, August 2017
Cheng Zhang
     - Science Visualization Fellowship with NASA, 2014
Chris Orban
     - Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs, 2016
     - PI of a Connect & Collaborate grant from the OSU office of outreach, April 2017
     - American Institute of Physics (AIP) Meggers Award, July 2017
Chuan Xue
     - NSF CAREER, 2016
David Penneys
     - NSF CAREER award, September 2017
Elizabeth Kirby
     - NARSAD Young Investigator Award, January 2018
Giorgio Rizzoni
     - FKFS Medal of Merit, Research Institute of Automotive Engineering and Vehicle
       Engines (FKFS), 2017
     - Clara M. and Peter L. Scott Faculty Award for Excellence in Engineering Education, 2017
Harmony Bench
     - Battelle Engineering, Technology, and Human Affairs, 2016
     - Virginia Hull Research Award, April 2017
Harvey Miller
     - University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) Research Award, 2015
Jason Cervenec
     - NSF AISL Award, 2016
Jason Coronel
     - Top Paper Award at the Biology and Communication Science Division at the International
       Communication Association, May 2017
Jeff Agnoli
     - Distinguished Staff Award, April 2017
Jeff Bielicki
     - College of Engineering Lumley Research Award, 2017
     - Best Geothermal Presentation of the Year 2013, 2014, 2015
Jennifer Schlueter
     - Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award, 2017
Jesse Fox
     - NSF AISL, September 2017
John Beacom
     - NSF New Frontiers in Nuclear Astrophysics, July 2017
     - OSU Arts and Sciences Distinguished Professor, 2017
     - Fermilab Distinguished Scholar, 2017-2018
Jonathan Song
     - American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant, Ohio State University, February 2015
     - American Heart Association Scientist Development Grant, July 2015
     - Pelotonia Junior Investigator Award, July 2016
Kareem Usher
     - Ohio State Discovery Theme InFACT SEED Grant, 2016
Karl Whittington
     - Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award, November 2016
Kathryn Campbell-Kibler
     - NSF grant November 2016
     - Botoman Teaching Award, December 2015
     - Ratner Teaching Award, November 2016
Kathy Malone
     - Mathematics and Science Partnership Grant, 2015
Kim Landsbergen
     - SOCHE Faculty Excellence Award for Teaching for the 2017-18 academic year
Lisa Hall
     - NSF Early CAREER, 2015
Luis Rademacher
     - NSF Early CAREER, 2014
Manoj Srinivasan
     - NSF Early CAREER, 2013
Marcello Canova
     - The National Science Foundation Career Award, January 2016
     - OSU College of Engineering Lumley Research Award, May 2016
     - SAE Ralph E. Teetor Education Award, Society of Automotive Engineers, April 2016
     - Michael J. Moran Award for Excellence in Teaching, May 2017
Matt Kahle
     - NSF Early CAREER, 2014
     - NSF RTG Award 2016
Maurice Stevens
     - Distinguished Diversity Enhancement, 2016
     - Ronald and Deborah Ratner Distinguished Teaching Award, 2016
Nancy Santagata
     - Chemistry & Biochemistry Staff Recognition Award, January 2017
Paul Sutter
     - Best Director - Song of the Stars, Escape Velocity Film Festival, September 2017
Psaras McGrier
     - Journal of Materials Chemistry C Emerging Investigator, 2017
Robert Pyatt
     - Friend of Education, Hilliard Education Association, 2016
     - O-H-I-Omics Genetic Counseling Teaching Award, 2016
Ryan Harne
     - AFRL Summer Faculty Fellow, May 2017
     - ASME Haythornthwaite Foundation Early Career Faculty Award, November 2016
     - ASME and ASA Best Paper Awards, 2017,
     - National Science Foundation, September 2017
Sandra Enimil
     - OSU Diversity and Inclusion Award
Sanjeevi Krishnan
     - Air Force Office of Science Research Award, 2016
Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller
     - Team teaching grant College of Arts and Sciences, Spring 2017
Tasos Sidiropoulos
     - NSF Early CAREER, 2015
Theodore Chao
     - Ohio State EHE SEED Grant, 2016
Thomas Davis
     - Donald and Deborah Ratner Teaching Award, 2016
     - Short-Listed for Modernist Studies Association Book of the Year Award
Tijs Van Maasakkers
     - Lumley Research Award, Ohio State College of Engineering, 2016
Wei Xu
     - Young Researcher of the 2017 Heidelberg Laureate Forum
Zakee L. Sabree
     - NSF IOS Award, 2017
Zoë Plakias
     - Richardson Applebaum Award for Best Ph.D. Dissertation from the Food Distribution Research
       Society, October 2017