Charlene Brenner
Program Director, The STEAM Factory
2nd Floor


Assistant Professor, Dentistry Division of General Practice and Materials Science
3005-A Postle Hall
David Anderson
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Professor of Food Engineering, Food Science and Technology, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Joseph Bayer
Assistant Professor, Communication
John Beacom
Professor, Physics, Astronomy, and Director of the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics (CCAPP)
M2004 Physics Research Building
Harmony Bench
Associate Professor, Dance, History and Theory
305 Sullivant Hall
Distinguished Professor, Management Sciences
642 Fisher Hall
Alison Bennett
Assistant Professor, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology
300 Aronoff Laboratory
Faculty Director, Translational Data Analytics Institute; Professor, Computer Science and Engineering; Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology; and Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor, Agricultural, Environmental, and Development Economics
329 Agricultural Administration Building
Steven Bibyk
Associate Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Room #381
Jeff Bielicki
Associate Professor, Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering & John Glenn College of Public Affairs
483b Hitchcock Hall
Pierluigi (Enrico) Bonello
Professor, Plant Pathology
201 Kottman Hall
Assistant Professor and Curator of American Literature, University Libraries
119B Thompson Library
Jacklyn Brickman
Graduate Teaching Associate, Art
Jeremy Brooks
Assistant Professor, Environment and Natural Resources
Senior Lecturer, Philosophy
350 University Hall
Jeremy  Bruskotter
Professor, School of Environment & Natural Resources
210 Kottman Hall
Hilary Bussell
Assistant Professor, University Libraries
222F Thompson Library
Kathryn Campbell-Kibler
Associate Professor, Linguistics
108A Ohio Stadium East
Lecturer, Pharmacy
129F Parks Hall
Associate Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Associate Director for Graduate and Continuing Education, Center for Automotive Research
Linda Carpenter
Associate Professor, Physics
Physics Research Building M2054
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering
Professor, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Theodore Chao
Assistant Professor, Math Education
Jian Chen
Associate Professor, Computer Science and Engineering
395 Dresse Laboratories
Jim Chen
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics and Internal Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology
340F Lincoln Tower
Assistant Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering
Oksana Chkrebtii
Assistant Professor, Statistics
323 Cockins Hall
Jordan Clark
Assistant Professor, Sustainable Buildings
Anne Co
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
3033E Newman-Wolfrom Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Management and Human Resources
Assistant Professor, Horticulture & Crop Science and Food Science & Technology
348 Howlett Hall
Jason Coronel
Assistant Professor, Communication
Political Science Carter Phillips and Sue Henry Associate Professor
Derby Hall 2032
Diversity Practitioner, Curriculum Developer, ARTrepreneur Specialist, and Lecturer
Associate Professor, History
Ovalwood Hall
Glenn Daehn
Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Karen Dannemiller
Assistant Professor, Civil, Envir & Geod Eng Assistant Professor, COPH -Environmental Health Sci
Assistant Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering
Thomas Davis
Associate Professor, English
Monica Delgado
Associate Director of Outreach, Mathematics
Assistant Professor, Economics
444 Arps Hall
Alia Dietsch
Assistant Professor, Environment and Natural Resources
Vicky Doan-Nguyen
Assistant Professor, Materials Science and Engineering
Suite 100
Anna Dobritsa
Associate Professor, Molecular Genetics
015 Rightmire hall
Darren Drewry
Assistant Professor, Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Assistant Professor, Theater
1108 Drake Perf & Event Ctr
Ranthony A.C.  Edmonds
Ross Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Assistant Professor, Pediatrics and Neonatology
Dean, Professor, Public Health
Director, Corporate Engagement Office
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics
Carolin Fink
Assistant Professor, Welding Engineering
Assistant Professor, Head, Teaching & Learning
255C Thompson Library
Elena Foulis
Senior Lecturer, Spanish and Portuguese
Jim Fowler
Associate Professor, Mathematics and Director, STEAM Factory
600 Mathematics Tower
Associate Professor, Communication
3084 Derby Hall
Stephan Frank
Postdoc Researcher, Lecturer, Astronomy
Andrew Frueh
Instructional Lab Supervisor, Art
259 Hopkins Hall
Professor, Entomology
331 Howlett Hall
Anna Gawboy
Associate Professor, Music
304A Weigel Hall
Susan Gershman
Associate Professor, Evol, Ecology & Org Biology
Morrill Hall
Daniel Gingerich
Assistant Professor, Civil, Environmental and Geodetic Engineering & Integrated Systems Engineering
Assistant Professor, Law
304 Drinko Hall
Shoshanah Goldberg-Miller
Assistant Professor, Arts Admin, Education & Policy
Sullivant Hall
Josh Goldberger
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sathya Gopalakrishnan
Associate Professor, Agricultural, Environmental & Development Economics
Room 223 Agricultural Admin Building
Director, STEAM Factory, Associate Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng
414 CBEC
Associate Professor, City and Regional Planning Section
272 Knowlton Architecture Bldg
David Hedgecoth
Assistant Professor, Music
Assistant Professor, Health Management and Policy
Jennifer Herman
Senior Lecturer, Engineering Education
Hitchcock hall 244
Ghaith Hiary
Associate Professor, Mathematics
MW 646
Roman Holowinsky
Associate Professor, Mathematics Managing Director, The Erdős Institute Cofounder and Chair Emeritus, STEAM Factory
100 Math Tower
Dana Howard
Instructor, Center for Bioethics, College of Medicine
Graves Hall 2018
Mary Hufford
Visiting Professor, English
Assistant Professor, Environmental Microbiology- Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering
471C Hitchcock Hall
Oncology Hospitalist, Division of Medical Oncology, Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center
A455 Starling Loving Hall
Assistant Professor, Environmental Health Sciences & Translational Data Analytics
College of Public Health
Jonathan Jacobs
Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology
Assistant Professor, Science Education
Niles Johnson
Associate Professor, Mathematics
Founders Hall
John Jones
Associate Professor, English
421 Denney Hall
Lauren Jones
Assistant Professor, Human Sciences
115E Campbell Hall
Matthew Kahle
Professor, Mathematics
100 Mathematics Tower
Assistant Professor, Engineering Education
321 Hitchcock Hall
Associate Professor, Mathematics
606 Mathematics Tower
Nick Kawa
Assistant Professor, Anthropology
Postdoctoral Researcher, Mathematical Biosciences Institute
Asimina Kiourti
Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Elizabeth  Kirby
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Psychology 55
Assistant Professor, Food and Science Technology
Assistant Professor, Human Nutrition
262G Campbell Hall
Sanjeevi Krishnan
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
MW 754
Dmitri Kudryashov
Associate Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Deborah Kuzawa
Senior Lecturer, Engineering Education
Hitchcock 244
Jesse Kwiek
Associate Professor, Microbial Infection, Immunity, Microbiology & Centers of Microbial Interface Biology & Retrovirus Research
1008 BRT
King-Yeung (Adrian) Lam
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
100 Math Tower
Visiting Research Scholar, Evolution, Ecology, and Organismal Biology.
300 Aronoff Laboratory
Steffen Lindert
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
2114 Newman & Wolfrom Laboratory
Assistant Professor, Consumer Sciences
265C Campbell Hall
Jessica Logan
Assistant Professor, Quantitative Research, Evaluation, and Measurement in the College of Education and Human Ecology
Meris Longmeier
Head of Research Services, University Libraries
18th Avenue Library Room 490A
William  Marras
Honda Professor and Director, Spine Research Institute
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
2114 Newman & Wolfrom Labratory
Professor, Molecular Genetics
520 Aronoff Laboratory
Associate Professor, Design
108 Hayes Hall
Harvey Miller
Reusche Chair, Geographic Information Science
1176 Derby Hall
Assistant Professor, Sustainable Development and Economy
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Alvaro  Montenegro
Associate Professor, Geography, Director Atmospheric Sciences Program
1152 Derby Hall
Leslie C. Moore
Associate Professor, Teaching and Learning
201 Arps Hall
Mark Moritz
Professor, Anthropology
4058 Smith Laboratory
Assistant Professor, College of Nursing
Arnab Nandi
Associate Professor, Computer Science & Engineering
395 Dreese Laboratories
Will  Nickley
Assistant Professor, Design
100 Hayes Hall
Alex Oliszewski
Associate Professor, Theatre and ACCAD
Drake Performance & Event Center
Chris Orban
Assistant Professor, Physics, Marion Campus
Associate Professor, Psychology
170D Morrill Hall
Jolynn  Pek
Assistant Professor, Psychology
David  Penneys
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
752 Mathematics Tower
Arnulfo Perez
Assistant Professor, Mathematics Education, Department of Teaching & Learning
283C Arps Hall
Assistant Professor, Teaching and Learning
Zoë Plakias
Assistant Professor, Agricultural, Environmental, & Development Economics
Sébastien Proulx
Associate Professor, Design
Kelly Purtell
Assistant Professor, Human Sciences, Faculty Affiliate, Institute for Population Research Faculty Affiliate, Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy The Ohio State University
Assistant Professor, Economics
Mindi Rhoades
Associate Professor, Teaching & Learning
215 Arps Hall
Ken Rinaldo
Professor, Art, Art & Technology
258 Hopkins Hall
Giorgio Rizzoni
Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Communications, Education, and Leadership
204 A Ag Admin
Assistant Professor, Biomedical Informatics
Mark Rudoff
Associate Professor, Orchestral Instruments
Senior Lecturer, English
503 Denney
Zakee Sabree
Associate Professor, Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology
300 Aronoff Laboratory, Stanley J
Joshua Sadvari
Assistant Professor, Geospatial Information Librarian
Liz Sanders
Associate Professor, Design
230 Hayes Hall
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
186 CBEC
Assistant Professor, Music Theory
Yvette Shen
Assistant Professor, Design
100 Hayes Hall
Jennifer Sinnott
Assistant Professor, Statistics
404 Cockins Hall
Assistant Professor, Behavior, Decision-Making, and Sustainability
469B Kottman Hall
Frances Sivakoff
Assistant Professor, Evolutionary Ecology and Organismal Biology
Bart Snapp
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
100 Mathematics Tower, MA 220
Alexander Sokolov
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
2108 Newman & Wolfrom Laboratory
Jonathan Song
Assistant Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Annie Specht
Assistant Professor, Agricultural Communication, Education and Leadership
Agricultural Administration Building
Lauren  Squires
Associate Professor, English
42 Denney Hall
Manoj Srinivasan
Associate Professor, Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
E340 Scott Laboratory, Peter L&C
David Staley
Associate Professor, History
Maurice Stevens
Professor, Comparative Studies
426 Hagerty Hall
Jennifer Suchland
Associate Professor, Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies + Slavic and East European Languages and Cultures
400 Hagerty Hall
Huan Sun
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Engineering
599 Dreese Laboratories
Krystal  Taylor
Assistant professor, Mathematics,
MW 621
Christa Teston
Associate Professor, English
Associate Professor, Mathematics
MW 536
Assistant Professor, School of Environment and Natural Resources
367D Kottman Hall
Kareem Usher
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning
292 Knowlton Hall
Assistant Professor, Clinical Practice
Mattijs van Maasakkers
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning Section
201 Knowlton Architecture Building
Liz Vivas
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Rick Voithofer
Associate Professor, Educational Policy and Leadership
Assistant Professor, Speech and Hearing Science
110 Pressey Hall
Laura Wagner
Professor, Psychology and Linguistics
241 Psychology Building
Assistant Professor, College of Medicine
Katie Walton
Assistant Professor, Psychology
Keith Warren
Associate Professor, Social Work
Stillman Hall 213
Sam White
Associate Professor, History
259 Dulles Hall
Associate Professor, History of Art, Chair of Undergraduate Studies Faculty
5058 Smith Laboratory
Associate Professor Latin American Indigenous Cultures, Ethnographic Studies and Ethnomusicology
Hagerty Hall 298
Amber Woodburn McNair
Assistant Professor, City and Regional Planning, Center for Aviation Studies
Barbara Wyslouzil
Professor, Chemical & Biomolecular Eng and Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
231B Koffolt Laboratories
Ye Xia
Assistant Professor, Plant Pathology
Assistant Professor, Computer Science Engineering
495 Dreese Laboratories
Chuan Xue
Associate Professor, Mathematics
MW 510
McConnell Chair of Aviation and Director, Center for Aviation Studies, Associate Professor, Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geodetic Engineering, College of Engineering
Suite 228B
Amy Youngs
Associate Professor, Art
258 Hopkins Hall
Assistant Professor, Chemistry and Biochemistry
CBEC 282
Ruike Zhao
Assistant Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Scott Lab E538
Norah Zuniga Shaw
Professor, Dance and ACCAD
331 Sullivant Hall


Extension Program Specialist, Weed Science, Department of Horticulture and Crop Science
Jeff Agnoli
Education, Funding and Research Development
208 Bricker Hall
Research Scientist, Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and Lecturer, Engineering Education
Jason Cervenec
Byrd Polar Research Center Education & Outreach Director
135A Scott Hall
Content and Editorial Strategy Specialist, STEAM Factory
STEAM Factory
Design and Visual Strategist, Fisher College of Business
Postdoctoral Researcher, Theater
1102 Drake Performance and Event Center
Sam Frost
Director, Advancement Events
Prevention Coordinator, PROSPER
Prevention Coordinator, PROSPER
Postdoctoral Researcher, Behavior and Sustainability & STEAM Factory
365B Kottman Hall
Manager, Programs for Ohio Women Empowered to Represent
Program Manager and Community Builder, College of Pharmacy
Kathryn Kelley
Executive Director, Ohio Manufacturing Institute (OMI)
139A Fontana Labs
Sujan Manandhar
Distance Learning and Technology Manager, the Center for Languages, Literatures and Cultures
100 Hagerty Hall
Manager of Gallery Teaching and Engagement, Wexner Center for the Arts
Grants and Contracts Specialist, Crane Center for Early Childhood Research and Policy
Instructional Design Coordinator, Public Health
Nicole  Nieto
Assistant Vice Provost, Office of Outreach and Engagement
Postdoctoral Fellow, Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology
Museum of Biological Diversity
Instructional Designer, Pharmacy, Office of Teaching, Learning and Assessment
Assistant Director, Center for Folklore Studies
Eddie  Pauline
Director, Business Development, Economic and Corporate Engagement
John Pieper
Administrative Manager, Mathematics
103 Mathematics Building
Courtney Price
Education & Outreach Specialist, Center for Applied Plant Sciences & Arabidopsis Biological Resource Center
059 Rightmire Hall
Food and Agriculture Knowledge Integration Specialist, Knowledge Exchange
Consulting Research Statistician, Institutional Research and Planning
Bricker Hall 383
Postdoctoral Researcher, STEAM Factory
Postdoctoral Researcher, Public Health
Senior Research Associate, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity
Room 209E
Senior Researcher, Foods for Health
Derrick  Tillman-Kelly
University Innovation Alliance Fellow
383 Bricker Hall
Institutional Health-System Experiential Program Manager, College of Pharmacy
129E Parks Hall
Lise Worthen-Chaudhari
Research Scientist, Physical Medicine & Rehab
Dodd Hall