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400 W. Rich Market Past Presentations

The STEAM Factory held over 30 presentations at these biweekly markets since January 2013. The audience for these events represented a wide spectrum of the Columbus community who attend farmer markets, including both young children and adults, with at least 150 attendees at each event. The Markets were concluded in summer 2015. 

Past presentations include:

  • Marc Ainger - Associate Professor, School of Music
    • Topic: Reimagining Sound: With Fourier, Doppler, and Max
  • John Beacom - Professor, Department of Physics, Astronomy, and Center for Cosmology and Astropartical Physics
    • Topic: Universal Gravitation: falling apples, orbiting planets, expanding universe
  • Noelle Beckman - Postdoctoral Researcher, Mathematical and Biosciences Institute
    • Topic: Explore the diversity of tropical forest plant communities
  • Angela Brown - Professor, Department of Optometry
    • Topic: Color blindness: How does colorblindness influence an artist's color section?