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MoBILiSE- Modeling based high school biology curriculum aligned with bioengineering projects


STEAM Collaborators:

Zakee Sabree
Zakee Sabree, Ph.D-Assitant Professor

College of Arts and Sciences- Evolution, Ecology & Organismal Biology 



Kathy Malone
Kathy Malone, Ph.D-Associate Professor

College of Education and Human Ecology- Science, Technology & Mathematics


To produce a modeling-based high school biology curriculum aligned with bioengineering projects by collaborating with local biology teachers and engineering educators.


MoBILiSE’s emphasis is on instilling life science content knowledge in 7-12th grade students via inquiry based instruction that is grounded in science models and scientific modeling while embedding bioengineering projects.  The two-year project’s goal is to increase teacher and student content knowledge in biology via the usage of Modeling Instruction and engineering at the secondary level (7-12). The project is developing curricula units in which teachers guide students through the development of verbal, pictorial, algebraic and graphical representations (the 'models') of biological phenomena using engineering-informed activities. 

Notable Achievements: 

  • Developed modeling based curriculum
  • Recevied Math and Science Partnership grant worth $260,000