STEAM Factory Programs

The STEAM Factory hosts a variety of programs that aim to facilitate collaboration between STEAM members and connect research with the greater Columbus community. These programs contribute to the scholarship of research, teaching, and outreach for its members.

Current Programs

STEAM Exchanges

The salon-style seminar series, called "STEAM Excha​nges," are held monthly, focused around broad thematic topics. Workshops topics may include:

  • Current research endeavors, bringing multidisciplinary perspectives to bear on a single issue with a purpose of identifying opportunities for cross-collaboration
  • Specialty programming facilitating interdisciplinary faculty collaborations, such as, "Describe your research in 60 seconds."
  • Sharing of experiences and transfer of tools and resources to enhance teaching methods

Benefits of STEAM Factory Programs for Members

  • Training in how to engage with a broad public audience
  • Development of community and industry partner relationships
  • Feedback on publicly-funded research
  • Transfer of teaching skills, techniques and tools across research disciplines
  • Development of new methods for displaying, visualizing and disseminating research
  • Opportunities for enhanced cross-faculty interaction, engagement and research collaboration