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Early STEAM Collaborations

Healthtech Hackathon – Jan 16th-17th, 2016 - Eight bright minds affiliated with Google Developers Group in Cherkasy, Ukraine and Columbus programmers and developers collaborated for the 2016 HealthTech Hackathon being held at CoverMyMeds! The collaboration included individuals from Columbus smart+open, The STEAM Factory, Multivarious Games, ZoCo Design, CoverMyMeds, Columbus Idea Foundry, Hilton Columbus Downtown, and more. Organizers from STEAM included Roman Holowinsky, Jim Fowler, Gala Korniyenko and Austin Channell.

Ohio State Outreach and Engagement Impact Grant: Katie Walton (Psychology) and Marilee Martens (Psychology) - Katie Walton and Marilee Martens were awarded a grant titled “Utilizing Assistive Technology to Help Students with Disabilities Succeed”. The goal of their project is to increase access to Assistive Technology for students with disabilities through research, consultation and training for educators and students, and community outreach. 

Ohio State Community Engagement Grant: Tijs Van Maasakkers - Van Maasakkers (and collaborators) proposed a project focusing on innovative vacant land reuse solutions in Lima, Ohio. He is using the STEAM space as an interactive workshop to bring community members together around new approaches to vacant land reuse.

ODEE Professional Development Grant: Eddie Pauline/STEAM Factory - Pauline and Holowinsky were awarded this grant for organizing the Leadership Challenge Month, an event that brought together some of OSU’s brightest students to take on real world problems in multidisciplinary teams.

Ohio State Engagement Impact Grant: The STEAM Factory - The STEAM Factory as a whole was awarded this grant to establish a more permanent presence in Franklinton and contribute toward greater outreach between OSU and the Columbus community. 

STEAM Co-Working Collaboration Space was developed as a collaboration. The STEAM Factory worked closely with Liz Sanders (Design) and Katie Unrath, (MFA Design Research) and the STEAM Factory Space Working group consisting of 10 STEAM Factory members spanning 9 disciplines on the design and build-out of the STEAM Factory space at 400 West Rich.  Both Sanders’s and Unrath’s research focuses on creative, collaborative work environments.   The results of STEAM Factory customized co-design research activities were integrated to provide recommendations for the design and furnishing of the new STEAM Factory co-working collaboration space.

The STEAM Factory and Office of Outreach and Engagement - The New Faculty City Road Trips have been ongoing since Autumn Semester, 2013 at the recommendation of Roman Holowinsky (STEAM Factory Executive Director and the New Faculty Meetup Group.  The pilot program was supported and implemented by the Office of Academic Affairs, under the leadership of Susan Williams and J. Briggs Cormier and the Office of Outreach and Engagement, led by Stephen Myers and Janis Browning. Continually since its inception, all three groups have continued to collaborate to offer interesting opportunities for Ohio State New Faculty to meet and interact with each other while receiving an introduction to different parts of the City of Columbus. Members of STEAM Factory and/or the New Faculty Meetup Group also regularly served as “leads” for the excursions, to provide advice and fellowship to the most recent group of New Faculty.

STEAM Factory/Buckeye Leadership Fellows Program – During both the Fall of 2014 and 2015, STEAM Factory members led by Roman Holowinsky worked closely with Eddie Pauline and the Buckeye Leadership Fellows program on their student Leadership Challenge Month. The Leadership Challenge Month is intended to test and strengthen undergraduate leadership and problem-solving abilities

Jeff Bielicki (Civil, Environmental, Geodetic Engineering) and Sathya Gopalakrishnan (Agricultural, Environmental, Development Economcis) joined a team studying geothermal energy and carbon sequestration.

Project Color - Felipe Castelblanco, Roman Holowinsky (Math), Anne Co (Chemistry), Monica Guisti (Food Innovation), Rebecca Ricciardo (Chemistry) turned one initial event into a general education class examining color from various angles of research and history, investigating environmental, economic, and cultural impacts of color, and bringing awareness to different issues surrounding color.

Brownie In Motion - Funded in part by the Outreach Engagement Impact Grant awarded to the STEAM Factory, Steven Takacs's (Lecturer of Art) project Brownie In Motion is a modular, room-sized functional camera obscura that serves as a powerful teaching tool. This project also includes an important series of photographs documenting practitioners of disappearing crafts and trades. Takacs collaborated with the Columbus Idea Foundry for the design and crafting of the custom Brownie in Motion camera lens.

Circle Packing Puzzles - Through STEAM funding, Matthew Kale (Mathematics) utilized the skills and equipment at the Columbus Idea Foundry by commissioning the construction of a Packing Circles puzzle (the study of arrangement of circles of equal or varying sizes on a given surface so that no overlapping occurs and all circles touch each other) as a way of exploring this mathematical problem in a tactile way, making the challenge accessible to a wider range of people.

STEAM Math Circles (June 2014 & 2015) - Jim Fowler (Mathematics) and Bart Snapp (Mathematics) worked with Columbus Math Circle Workshop for Teachers to host immersive multi-day mathematics workshops for junior high school teachers organized collaboratively between college faculty, math teachers, and administrators. 

Recreating Alexander Scriabin’s Tastiera per luce: Anna Gawboy (School of Music) – With the help of STEAM Factory funding, Gawboy spent a weeklong residency at Utah State University on November 18-23, 2013, which culminated in a lighted performance of Alexander Scriabin's Prometheus, Poem of Fire op. 60 with the Utah State University Orchestra and combined choirs, conducted by Laura Jackson.