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STEAM Powered Projects

In January 2016, The STEAM Factory developed a new program intended to provide seed funding for STEAM Factory members working on interdisciplinary projects or collaborations in research, teaching or outreach between one of more STEAM Factory member. The STEAM Factory offered this seed funding program three times (January 2016, April 2016 and May 2017) during the past two years. The goal of the program is to provide a streamlined seed funding program for collaborations that further the STEAM Factory mission, benefit the STEAM Factory membership as a whole but may not be easily fundable through traditional funding sources. The application provides an abbreviated and peer-reviewed process. Matching external funding is strongly encouraged. Letters of support from department Chairs are also highly recommended. Maximum funding is $5,000 per STEAM Factory member contributing to the collaboration with a maximum total of $25,000 per project. Applications are submitted to the STEAM Factory during funding rounds as funds are available and will be reviewed by an interdisciplinary team of their STEAM Factory faculty peers. The next round of STEAM Powered Projects is anticipated for May 2018.

STEAM Powered Projects At-a-Glance:

  • Awarded 13 collaborative interdisciplinary projects in research, teaching and outreach that will continue to boost the visibility of Ohio State as well as the STEAM Factory 
  • A total of $81,693 funds awarded over the past two years
  • Distributed funds to 29 STEAM Factory faculty members (and 3 non STEAM faculty members)
  • The STEAM Powered project faculty have represented 22 disciplines