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Song of the Stars

Primary Investigator: 

Paul Sutter, Ph.D- Visting Fellow

College of Arts and Sciences- Physics, Astronomy

STEAM Collaborators: 

John Beacom, Ph.D- Professor

College of Arts and Sciences- Physics, Astronomy

Leonardo Carrizzo, Ph.D- Lecturer

College of Arts and Sciences- Communication

Mary Tarantino, Ph.D- Professor

College of Arts and Sciences- Theater


Song of the Stars is a ground-breaking cross- disciplinary production engaging astrophysicists, dancers, and filmmakers to create a world-class performance designed to humanize science,  awaken curiosity, and intimately connect audiences to the wonders of the universe. Song of the Stars will draw audiences into the life story of a star, including its turbulent 

birth in the early universe, the nurturing of a family of planets, and the loss of a companion. Led by Seven Dance Company, a Columbus non-profit dedicated to connecting communities through dance, the one-hour live premiere was held on April 21st at the Capitol Theater.

The live performance will be filmed, edited, and formatted by Over the Sun Productions for national distribution. The film will be supplemented by additional educational materials, such as a program book linking specific portions of the choreography to the astrophysics, and classroom guides for both dance and science education. Following the live premiere, individual pieces will be recorded by COSI staff with 360-degree cameras, creating a unique immersive experience for distribution to thousands of planetariums worldwide and for use in cutting-edge virtual reality headsets.

Songs of the Stars Dancers

Noteable Achievements: 

  • Attracted 400 audience members
  • Kickstarter campaign raised $25,000
  • Films will be distributed nationally on TV, online and planetariums