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Speaking Science: Idea book

Headshot of Katherine O'Brien

STEAM Collaborator

Katherine O’Brien, Ph.D, Contracted Teaching Assistant

Center for Life Science Education - College of Arts and Sciences


Headshot of Laura Wagner

STEAM Collaborator

Laura Wagner, Ph.D, Associate Professor

Department of Psychology - College of Arts and Sciences


Headshot of Marymegan Daly

Additional Collaborator

Marymegan Daly, Ph.D, Associate Professor

School of Earth Sciences - College of Arts and Sciences


The ability to communicate science in a fun and engaging way is a central mission of the STEAM factory. Speaking Science will use STEAM power to create a network of science museums across Ohio and its neighboring states to facilitate science communication to the public. Members of the STEAM factory will be traveling to local museums to create a multimedia Speaking Science: Idea book. This book is the foundational material for a new service learning course which will engage students at OSU by empowering them to design their own hands own science activities. These activities will be showcased at the Museum of Biological Diversity's 2018 open house, Franklinton Friday or COSI dependent on students activity focus.


  • Create a network of science educators in Ohio, Pittsburgh and Indiana.
  • Support a new service learning course by creating a Science Share Idea Book for science communication and informal museum based activities.
  • Present these activities at the 2018 Museum of Biological Diversity open house.