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Radio Universe

STEAM Collaborators: 

Paul Sutter, Ph.D- Visting Fellow

College of Arts and Sciences- Physics, Astronomy, CCAPP

Rod Ryatt, Ph.D- Assistant Professor- Clinical

College of Medicine- Department of Pathology


  1. Explore the sciene of radio astronomy & how humans generate radio waves
  2. Create a 3-5 minute documentary exploring the connections between human biology and cosmic phenomena via radio waves


The Radio Universe will explore a connection between human and cosmic waves through a 3-5 minute film, showcasing the stunning Very Large Array radio telescope in New Mexico, and featuring interviews with Paul Sutter and Rob Pyatt to explain the science behind human- and cosmic-sourced radio waves. We will acquire and edit The Radio Universe in high-resolution 4K, granting output to a variety of formats, from planetarium full-dome to large format flat screens and the web. The film will blend traditional documentary into a full-dome production with engaging narrations, animations that augment human explanation, and breathtaking cinematography.

A standalone exhibit and demo station will complement the short film and strengthen the biology-cosmology connection. The exhibit will promote the development of a personal connection to cosmology as portrayed in the film through exploration of their similarities to this universal phenomenon. Employing simple electronics and repurposing a household satellite receiver, the exhibit will detect the radio emission from the human nervous system and respond with audio and visual cues. Guests will interact with the exhibit and learn how the receiver works and how the human body generates radio emissions. 

VLA Site in New Mexico