Dustin Mixon published in Forbes

November 10, 2017

STEAM Factory member and Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Dr. Dustin Mixon was featured in an article by Forbes on Nov. 3.

Mixon co-authored and published an article on arXiv.org titled “An Impossibility theorem for gerrymandering”, alongside Borix Alexeev.  This paper discusses a method being proposed to the Supreme Court that focuses on the efficiency gap, and how the use of this method may require districts to be oddly-shaped. The efficiency gap has to do with the number of “wasted votes” in each district, and attempts to ensure the districts are remaining bi-partisan. However, Mixon and Alexeev discuss that in order for the efficiency gap to be as effective as possible, the districts would end up being oddly shaped.


To learn more about "An Impossibility Theorem for Gerrymandering" , check out Dustin's blog, or our article on the paper.