October Columbus Science Pub, The True Story of the Wolf

October 8, 2018
Presenters Dr. Andreas Chavez and Meagen Horn

On October 4th, the Columbus Science Pub returned for the autumn semester in a big way! The event featured Evolution, Ecology and Organismal Biology faculty member Dr. Andreas Chavez and bilingual speech pathologist Meagan Horn in a new two-way format. With Ms. Horn presenting the mythological prospective as a storyteller and Dr. Chavez rebutting or confirming any historical accuracy within those stories, the duo unpacked the mysteries of the wolf.

              Armed with plenty of stories from Ancient Rome to the hills of Ohio, Ms. Horn gave several spirited renditions of wolf mythology in her time at the event. She also made it a point to splash some of that same spirit and humor throughout the night, offering a wonderful compliment to Dr. Chavez’s info-centric presentation. Dr. Chavez himself provided invaluable insight into the wolf world through his prior graduate research in Minnesota and his work as a trapper for the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service in Montana and Southern California.

              Ultimately, Ms. Horn made it evident that the mythological perspective of the wolf has long varied but has been largely negative in modern times. However, Dr. Chavez revealed the underlying truth that there isn’t a known case of a wolf killing a human in North America. Instead, most of these myths have come from territory and livestock disputes. That said, there was a silver lining: attitudes towards wolves have come a long way since the 60s and 70s and farmers now coexist with these old predators. Still, this modern peace treaty alone won’t change that the wolf has been viciously hated and hunted throughout history. But today, it’s on urban offenders and the entertainment industry to break this misconception of a “deadly” wolf, allowing this creature to thrive and find its home in America once again.

Coming up on November 1st, you can join us at Backstage Bistro for the next installment of Columbus Science Pub. Featuring Dr. Zoë Plakias and her presentation on "What to Make for Thanksgiving", it's sure to be another fantastic addition to this event series. But hurry, tickets don't last long! RSVP: https://www.facebook.com/events/1910249945937389/