October STEAM Exchange

October 31, 2018
STEAM Members sitting at a table watching a presentation

At this month’s salon style seminar series, an evening of lively discussion about Loco-Motion took place over some delicious appetizers and friendly exchanges. To get the conversation moving, Dr. Veronica Ciocanel, an Ohio State University President’s Postdoctoral Fellow with the Mathematical Biosciences Institute, spoke of her work modeling, analyzing, and simulating intracellular transport and filament organization mechanisms.

We also heard from Dr. Hannah Kosstrin, an Assistant Professor, and Chris Summers, a Staff Lead, both from the Department of Dance at Ohio State. Dr. Kosstrin is a dance historian whose work engages dance and gender studies, while Summer’s expertise lies in instructional technology, media archiving and documentation. Their talk gave the whole discussion momentum and propelled the evening forward toward deeper discussions of movement.

Finally, to close out the evening, Dr. Marcello Canova, an Associate Professor for the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, spun the wheels about Advanced Automotive Systems, Hybrid and Electric Vehicles. Canova is the Associate Director for Graduate/Continuing Education at the Center for Automotive Research (CAR), but his research spans the fields of thermal and fluid sciences, applied mathematics, dynamical systems, optimization and control theory to improve the way we understand and control the energy conversion processes in engines, powertrains, batteries and fuel cells.

A lively, informative and exciting night indeed, fitting of an engaging topic Loco-Motion meeting. Find out more about our November STEAM Exchange here! (Make sure you either add the exact link or link to website with STEAMx program.) Hope to see you on November 29th!