Ohio State Launches New Infectious Diseases Institute

October 10, 2017
Pic of Mike Oglesbee

Written by Jake Rahe, class of 2019

Ohio State’s Discovery Themes is taking large steps in becoming a world leader in infectious disease research and teaching with the launch of its new Infectious Diseases Institute.

The Institute will be holding a launch event this Thursday to welcome in the new entity that encourages collaboration with faculty, staff and students for research and discovery. The event will highlight how the new institute will support, promote, and advance the world-class work by the Ohio State community.

The goal of the new institute is to build upon the previous successes of the infectious disease research done at Ohio State for years and bring researchers together to enable discovery, Mike Oglesbee, director of the Institute, said.

To reach this goal, the Institute is looking to hire several new experienced faculty members to work along-side the more than 180 expert faculty and research teams.

This will help streamline access to the research community and have a broader, inclusive reach to all researchers, Oglesbee added.

According to the launch event program, there are six areas of study that the Institute would like to advance through a collaborative effort: Antimicrobial Resistance; Ecology, Epidemiology and Population Health; Host Defense and Microbial Biology; Microbial Communities; Prevention, Detection and Therapies; and Viruses and Emerging Pathogens.

Similar to other programs at Ohio State bringing faculty together, the Institute will have its own space for researchers to meet and work with one another, Oglesbee said. The location of the Institute’s space will be announced at the launch event.

The Institute is out to pursue, as their program vision states, “A World Free from the Threat of Infectious Diseases”. Through collaboration and research at the Institute, new solutions will be discovered.

The event is open to all faculty, staff, postdocs, and students working in the realm of infectious disease or microbiology, and begins at 4:30 p.m. at Ohio State’s Faculty Club.

RSVP for the launch event on this website:  https://idi.osu.edu/events/infectious-diseases-institute-launch.html