Wei Xu named one of CrowdFlower's "AI for Everyone" challenge winners

January 25, 2018
Wei Xu

Ohio State Assistant Professor in Computer Science and Engineering and STEAM Factory Member, Wei Xu, was named one of the third-round winners in CrowdFlower’s $1 million “AI For Everyone” challenge for her project “LanguageNet”.


CrowdFlower announced Xu one of two winners on Wednesday, and one of the eight total winners. The winners chosen will split the funds evenly to pursue their proposed projects, focusing on problem solving using artificial intelligence in their chosen field.


Xu and her team will be creating “LanguageNet”, a comprehensive database, by interpreting meaning of phrases and finding those that are interchangeable. Then, they will be able to use “LanguageNet” to train deep learning algorithms and allow natural language processing algorithms to understand complex ideas and thoughts.