Oksana Chkrebtii

Oksana Chkrebtii

Oksana Chkrebtii

Associate Professor, Statistics



323 Cockins Hall
1958 Neil Ave
Columbus, OH

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Oksana Chkrebtii is an Associate Professor in the Department of Statistics specializing in uncertainty quantification and inference for complex systems. Her research area lies at the interface between statistics and applied mathematics. 

Dr. Chkrebtii's primary research focus is in relating error analysis for numerical methods to probability models of uncertainty. In particular, she has developed new ways of probabilistically characterizing discretization uncertainty associated with finite-dimensional representations of the solution of nonlinear differential equations. Moreover, her research on statistical inverse problems has led to the development of an efficient approach for likelihood-free inference for models defined on variable-dimensional parameter subspaces, as well as development of methodology for state and parameter inference for functional data described by nonlinear delay differential equations.

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