Kip Curtis

Assistant Professor, History

Kip Curtis is an Assistant Professor of Environmental History in the History Department at OSU, where he teaches on the Mansfield regional campus. His scholarly research has focused on metal mining as a core social activity and highly influential relationship to the natural world in the nineteenth century American West, culminating in his first book, _Gambling on Ore: The Nature of Metal Mining in the United States_. He has just begun a second historical research project in which he is using activities surrounding several nineteenth-century gold rush episodes to explore the development of U.S. foreign policy in and around conflicts and negotiations with indigenous groups making claims on the resources surrounding these site. This project will engage a spacial analysis and digital visualization to understand the contrasting claims on the landscape that led to conflicts between settler society and indigenous inhabitants.

Dr. Curtis has also done extensive work under the rubric of food and sustainability studies, developing an extensive farm-to-school education project within a low-income community and among at-risk school children in St. Petersburg, Florida. He is currently in the preliminary stages of bringing this project to Richland County and Mansfield, Ohio as part of the OSU-Mansfield Ecolab. His intention is to help develop a Sustainable Urban Agriculture Demonstration and Training Center that would address education, diet-related health, and economic development in low-income communities.

Areas of Expertise
  • Environment, Technology, and Science

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