Eric England

Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences

Dr. Eric England is an assistant professor of meat science and muscle biology in the Department of Animal Sciences. The overall goal of Dr. Eric England’s research lab is to optimize fresh and processed meat quality. We use multiple approaches to achieve this goal. Our ongoing research projects include: 1. understanding the impact of genetic selection on muscle growth, composition, phenotype, and meat quality. 2. We are also elucidating the biochemical mechanisms responsible for determining meat quality characteristics during the transformation of muscle to meat. This research incorporates a number of species as well as genetic, nutritional, and pharmacological models to manipulate both antemortem and postmortem energy metabolism. 3. Finally, we are explaining the relationship between energy metabolism and meat tenderness in order to implement alternative production and processing strategies to produce consistently tender meat.

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122D Animal Sciences Building
2029 Fyffe Road
Columbus, OH 43210