Stephan Frank

Postdoc Researcher, Lecturer, Astronomy

Since 2011, I have returned to OSU (and Otterbein University), both in research and teaching, shifting my attention more and more to outreach and communication to the public.

Besides Astronomy, there is always : running (14 completed marathons, which my wife potentially somewhat correctly calls a bit obsessive), soccer (which even I call myself obsessed), boardgaming (yes, there is one of the largest clubs right here in town, and I am a long term old member), etc etc. Oh. And not to forget : my two girls keep me extremely busy as educator and entertainer ! I have retained the ability to speak German, babble incoherently in French, and can decipher Latin.



Areas of Expertise
  • Active Galactic Nuclei
  • Intergalactic Medium
  • Ph.D.,The Ohio State University, 2008