Andrew Frueh

Andrew Frueh

Andrew Frueh

XR/AI Specialist, College of Nursing

614 292-5072

259 Hopkins Hall
128 N Oval Mall
Columbus, OH

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Andrew is the XR / AI Specialist in the College of Nursing. His role includes managing the XR simulation lab where students do virtual clinical training and developing custom assets and applications to disrupt nursing education.  

Andrew is also a new-media artist specializing in the development of tools that allow for design and educational exploration. He has designed a platform for designing rolling-ball sculpture from flat material, a modular system for exploring vibration-powered robot morphologies, and an extensive multi-environment framework for building cybernetic, performative installations. 

Andrew’s work combines elements of cybernetics, autonomy, interface design, questions of self, disability, and Tourette Syndrome. He designs novel interfaces and wearables by combining off-the-shelf parts and digital fabrication methods such as 3D printing and laser cutting. 

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