Andrew Frueh

Instructional Lab Supervisor, Art

I am an energetic, inventive artist with work spanning many technologies and media. In my exploration of our interaction with technology, I have designed various systems and interfaces using micro-controllers, 3D printing, game-design, mechanical engineering and electronic circuits. 

My professional experience includes custom development for high-profile corporate clients ranging from eLearning games to enterprise-level management applications. My own work often involves what is commonly called “hacking”, opening up existing systems to encourage learning and re-design. My designs are usually made available under Open Source and Creative Commons  licenses as a permanent contribution to our digital commons. 

I deeply enjoy working with students and helping them understand new techniques and concepts. I have developed a range of tutorials and other material to help students tackle core concepts or particularly difficult material.

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614 292-5072
259 Hopkins Hall
128 N Oval Mall
Columbus, OH 43210