Matthew Kahle

Matthew Kahle

Matthew Kahle

Professor, Mathematics

100 Mathematics Tower
231 W. 18th Ave.
Columbus, OH

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  • Colorado State University, BA
  • Colorado State University, MA
  • University of Washington, PhD

I am a math professor at The Ohio State University. My research interests include topological and geometric combinatorics, stochastic topology, topological statistical mechanics, and geometric group theory. I am also interested in topological data analysis and applications of algebraic topology in general.

I am currently advising PhD students Paul Duncan, Jimin Kim, Francisco Martinez, and Katie Ritchey. I also am working with postdocs Hannah Alpert, Fedor Manin, and Benjamin Schweinhart.

My former PhD students: Andrew Newman (2018) is a postdoc at Technische Universität Berlin. Érika Roldán (2018) is a lecturer and researcher at Ohio State. Kyle Parsons (2017) is a data scientist at Root Insurance. Greg Malen (2016) is a postdoc at Duke University.

In Fall 2018, I am teaching MATH 6501.

In Spring 2018, I taught Math 4575 and Math 6502.

In Fall 2016, I helped organize the ICERM Semester Program on "Topology in Motion".

In Summer 2016, I helped organize the conference TGDA@OSU 2016.

In 2012, I was awarded an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship.

You can email me at

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