Deborah Kuzawa

Senior Lecturer, Engineering Education

Dr. Deborah Kuzawa is a Senior Lecturer with the Department of Engineering Education and the Chair of the department's Diversity and Inclusion committee. She teaches engineering technical communications to students from across the university, but primarily to engineering, business, and science majors. Her course explores STEM topics using rhetorical, social, and reflective lenses, with attention to the ways that social diversity in the U.S. impacts STEM in all areas. She is an active participant in the EED's Creative Writing and Arts Contest for students, faculty, and staff in the College of Engineering. Her most recent publication was a collaborative chapter titled "Writing as Knowing: Creative Knowing Through Multiple Messaging Modes in an Engineering Technical Communications Course." Her forthcoming publications examine how queerness and queer values can work as frameworks to help us better understand the world, including classrooms and writing pedagogies. She loves art, gardening and nature, her dogs, and spending time with her partner. 

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