Will Nickley

Will  Nickley

Will Nickley

Assistant Professor, Design


100 Hayes Hall
108 N Oval Mall

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Areas of Expertise

  • Design Process & Making + Social Work
  • Design Research & Development
  • Design + Social Good
  • As an Assistant Professor of Design at The Ohio State University, I research design for social good in youth development settings.
  • As a Co-founding Board Member for Local Tech Heroes, I help to empower underserved students to solve big problems in their communities using emerging technologies and design processes in Central Ohio.
  • As an Industrial Designer, I live at the intersection of form and function.
  • AND, as a Design Thinker and Aero-Robotics Program Director at Safety Third Racing, I am currently inspiring the next generation of thinkers and dreamers through interactive aero-robotics programming at the Idea Foundry in Columbus, OH - workshops, classes, races, competitions and events, even First-Person-View (FPV) Drone Racing!
  • My background is as an industrial and visual communications designer. I also have experience in design research, UI/UX design and physical computing.
  • My spare time is filled with FPV Drone Racing (check out my team Safety Third Racing), birding, geocaching, cloud-spotting, all forms of frisbee, physical hacking, typography, boomerang, sketch-noting, biking, almost all games, science, info-graphics, gadgets and pie.

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