Nicole Sintov

Assistant Professor, Behavior, Decision-Making, and Sustainability

As an environmental psychologist, Nicole views today’s most pressing environmental problems as products of human decision-making and behavior; changing behavior is therefore an essential element in creating a sustainable future for humankind. Broadly, her research focuses on intervening with human behavior and understanding the processes of behavior change. Blending perspectives and methodologies from the psychological, environmental, and information sciences, her primary research objectives are to:

(1) investigate human decision-making as it impacts environmental resource use;
(2) develop and test interventions to encourage pro-environmental behavior change; and
(3) understand the psychological processes that underlie change.

She pursues these objectives as they pertain to a variety of domain areas, including:

-Energy use in buildings
-The adoption and use of sustainable innovations (e.g., electric cars)
-Climate change communication  
-Support for green energy policy
-Wildlife security

Research keywords:
behavior change, decision making, processes of change, spillover, smart grid, power systems, human-computer interaction, technology adoption, wildlife security, wildlife crime, household consumption behavior, sustainability

Nicole Sintov
469B Kottman Hall
2021 Coffey Road