Phase 2


The primary objective of Phase 2 is to enhance and expand the capacities of the RJP participants to continue creating a sustainable racial justice community of practice. To do so, in Phase 2 we will: 

1. Host a minimum of four racial justice training and workshop-based events 

2. Host a minimum of six events for the racial justice community of practice including structured and unstructured learning components, invited speakers, and round-table discussions 

3. Host at least 20 RJP leadership team meetings to design, implement, manage, iterate and assess Phase 2 program development   

4. Host at least 20 informal community of practice working sessions to build relationships between RJP participants to address challenges, and support their design and implementation of their racial justice efforts 

Using lessons learned from RJP Phase 1, Phase 2 will utilize an appreciative inquiry model to design both curriculum content and process needed by RJP participants to further their racial equity work within the context of their individual roles across the university. By focusing the work of Phase 2 on building out the community of practice and evaluating the RJP program, process, outcomes and impacts, we are positioning RJP to be a model program for university faculty and staff who wish to engage racial inequality and white supremacy in their respective work.